View Full Version : First time, not really sure how to use any of this... Help

04.03.2007, 19:19
I just downloaded Daemon tools because i heard that I wouldn't have to use the physical CD if I made "virtual drive" (not really sure what that means) it to my computer. I've never used Daemon tools, what I want to do is take my Halo PC CD and mount(??) it to my computer so I will no longer need the physical disk to run the game... How do I do this? I've posted on other forums and I get responses like 'just mount it to your computer then access the virtual drive and use a crack from a crack site' I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THAT MEANS... I just want some step-by-step directions, preferably exactly what to click. All I've done so far is insert the Halo cd in to my computer and I've downloaded Daemon tools. Now what?

05.03.2007, 12:45

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