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05.03.2007, 00:03

Re: XP Pro SP 2 -> Vista Ultimate Upgrade
: Unknown Daemon Tools remaining?:confused:

Please forgive me in advance, as I was frustrated when I wrote this. :)

I purchaes the upgrade windows vista ultimate. Might I tell you, I am very disappointed. I am very intelligent when it comes to computers. I purchased the downlaodable version of the ultimate upgrade, from circuit city, and been
tryng for 3 days, off and on, visiting web pages, trying to find the solution why vista keeps failing on the compatability check and tells me to uninstall DAEMON Tools, when I have reinstalled it and uninstalled it, manually uninstalled it, used registry cleaners, deleted files, and still the same message. I understand this version of windows went under extensive beta
testing, however something has been missed. I didn't spend $250+ dollars, for an upgrade version, just to start from scratch with a clean install, I wanted to upgrade, and not lose anything but I have tried everyting to resolve this problem, thanks for anyone who can help out!


14.03.2007, 19:00
Download the stand-alone SPTD installer from the download section and uninstall SPTD.