View Full Version : Daemon Tools Won't Run

06.03.2007, 15:17
I've tried installing daemon tools v4.03-4.08 but none will actually run.

It installs fine, but when I go to open the program it won't open. I thought it might have been a conflict with PowerISO (which works fine with my computer), but after uninstalling that program Daemon Tools still will not run.

Any suggestions?

08.03.2007, 18:03
What do you mean by "actually run"?
Do you see the tray icon? The desktop icon just starts the tray application in case you disabled autostart.

12.03.2007, 03:14
I have the same problem. It only appears in processes under task manager

12.03.2007, 09:50
If you don't see the tray icon check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.