View Full Version : pnpshark.sys probably bug

14.11.2003, 18:38
Operating System: Win XP SP1
Burning Software: Nero, Blindwrite
Anti-virus Software: AVG 7.0.197
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

I try to update the ver 3.33 > 3.41 and computer freeze totally

I will write step by step:
1. DT3.33 works ok......
2. i need 3.41 to use bw5 plugin
3. i init the 3.41 daemon.msi
4. installing, and hang!!!!
5. restart
6. pnpbios extension new hardware found > windows can't install
7. in the win Hardware manager the st3shark with yellow !, pnp bios ext too....
8. try to reinstall and hangs......
9. restart in safe mode..... i delete the pnpshark.sys and ! pnp bios and ! st3shark......
10. restart normal mode reinstall the deamon.msi
11. in the middle of installation pnpbios extension new hard found... install automatically and hangs.......
12. restart > a daemon tools box is opened "need to restart computer"
13. restart > win new hard found (pnpbios ext) try to install and hangs
14. restart and now i'm here..... writing
status: SCSI/Raid host controller with yellow ! (code 42, cant initialize because already have a duplicated device running in the system)
ST3Shakr (code 10, cant initialize device) too
a new hardware found pnp ext box is in my front...... i'm try to cancel...

to be continued

15. restart > new device found pnp bios ext > i'm install > successful install and hangs
16. restart > appears to be ok, i opened a bw5 image and ok but
SCSI/Raid Controller and ST3Shark are with yellow exclamation
and in the system devices i have 2 pnp bios extension..........

testing another image.... a cue/bin........ok

17. try to uninstall > dt installer don't remove the devices
18 restart safe mode > removed manually the problematic devices and the 2 pnp bios extension
19. try to install

14.11.2003, 19:11
i cant reedit teh message.....
repeat 19: restart normal moded and try to install
20. installer restarted the computer
21. resuming the installation and hangs in the end of installation
22. restart, all appears to be ok..... testing..... after 30 sec dt mount GeneralsCD1.b5t correctly..... device manager: all ok.... unmount and remount the same image..... after a minute the image is mounted. testing my cdrw mount speed..... half life original cd inserted... ok, after 4 sec (normal speed)

any suggestion guys??????????/
im am a dt user since before 3.xx ver