View Full Version : PnP Bios Extension... two of them

09.03.2007, 17:44
I had two of those. I deleted dtscsi.sys from the system32\drivers and from the registry. I could not fin any other Deamon Tools related files. Then I uninstalled one of the PnP's but the other one just won't go.

09.03.2007, 19:37
Daemon Tools v4.0x does not use the PnP BIOS Extension anymore.
Also ensure you don't delete Alcohol's Plug and Play BIOS Extension (unless you remove the related obsolete Alcohol version, too).
For manual removal procedure of Daemon Tools v3.43 - v3.47 check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.

09.03.2007, 22:05
There are no files as the ones listed in the thread about the 25002 error.

10.03.2007, 14:05
Out of spite, I tried updating the drivers and now every time I start windows I get the "new hardware found" messege :mad:! In the device manager, under Details it reads:

Device Instance Id: ROOT\SYSTEM\0004
Hardware Ids: root\d343
Service: d343bus
Enumerator: ROOT
Devnode Flags:
Class Coinstaller: SysSetup.Dll,CriticalColnstaller
Current Power State: D3
Power Capabilities:
Power State Mappings:
S0 -> D0
S1 -> D3
S2 -> D3
S3 -> D3
S4 -> D3
S5 -> D3

If thats of any help.

10.03.2007, 14:09
I also delated sptd.sys from the drivers folder and from the registry, again no luck. Also, Alcohol 120% was previsiously installed (not by me), I deleted it and the Plug and Play Bios Extension is present and also can't be deleted, but it shows no errors (it dosent have the yellow exclemation mark).

10.03.2007, 16:37
SPTD.sys and dtscsi.sys are v4.0x files, so deleting them will have NO effect on devices of v3.4x version.
So you had v3.43 installed before, thus following the steps mentioned in thread about error 25002 should cover your problem.
Regarding removal of Alcohol, please contact Alcohol support.

10.03.2007, 17:00
I am wondering, do you have anything else installed that as the ability to use a virtual drive, like nero?

Nero also comes with a virtual drive (at least the older versions of nero did, which I dont recommend using, it is crap.)

and before anybody says anything, NO, I am not talking about nero's virtual burner either, nero did come with a virtual drive also.

10.03.2007, 22:16
OK, [here's (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=533&highlight=fails+uninstall+version) the first thread about the old versions. There are no keys with the corresponding product name.

Here's (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=448&highlight=virtual+cdrom) the second. Isn't the "Plug and Play BIOS Extension" the one used by Alcohol? Also what does "4" stands for? What drivers, from where, I though I should just delete it drom the device manager? Anyway, I can't uninstall it, same problem with the PnP Bios Extension. I deleted the controller from the SCSI section without problems, but it still couldn't delete the PnP Bios Extension.

I have Nero 6 Enterprise Edition.

11.03.2007, 09:47
The two threads are for versions prior v3.43 - you've to follow the steps mentioned in thread about error 25002.
What happens if you try to delete the PnP BIOS Extension? System hangs are usually caused by anti blacklisting tools messing around with registry permissions.

11.03.2007, 12:44
Yeah, it hangs.
I used the Find function in the regedit and deleted everything that had anything to do with d343\d347. There are no more keys with simillar names, but there are still some results when values and data are included in the search. Should I delete them also? I have also searched the Windows directory and there are no related files.