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10.03.2007, 22:24
I've done lots of garden variety copying, burning, creating images, bootable CDs, etc. Currently I use a Roxio suite that came with a Plextor drive I bought about 3 years ago. In the past I used other CD mastering suites - out of date now. I use Creative WaveStudio for capturing, copying and editing audio. I have been reading about subjects in the Daemon forums, and in groups for software like Alcohol 120, etc. and I see there is a whole universe of higher level things than I've ever done so far. I've never used any advanced programs like Daemon Tools or Alcohol.

MY QUESTION: I will be buying a DVD burner drive to add to a ASUS P4 system. I hope to use the system for tinkering, experimenting and learning advanced CD and DVD techniques. High end DVD drives often come with valuable software bundles. Maybe I won't ultimately be using the bundled software, but it doesn't hurt any to get a good bundle in the deal. I'm not afraid to spend top dollar on good equipment. Even so, I'm not interested to invest in the new Blue Ray type stuff just now. I'll leave that for later.

I've done some research but I'm hoping someone here will recommend a DVD burner drive and or commercial software that's got good capabilities - especially a DVD burner with the best capabilities for exploring the technical side of the DVD universe. I hate it when I invest a lot of time working with something only to discover that I should have got something else to start with.

TIA. Bill S.

13.03.2007, 06:46
Well, I don't know about the best burner, but I've always had good luck with my LiteOn drives. My present drive is a SHM-165H6S LightScribe model (there's also a SHM-165P6S without the LightScribe).

17.03.2007, 11:10
Jito's drive is 16x speed, which is old, so you may not be able to find one in market. The newest drive of LiteOn is 20x, but you may be still able to find a 18x one.

Plextor drive which you are using is a good brand too, but is expensive.

Bundled programmes usually are not perfect, you could download the trial version of Nero.