View Full Version : Totally Killed my system?

11.03.2007, 19:07
Hi there,
just installed Deamon, latest version downloaded today from this site.
Ran the Yasu thingy.
played whatever game - when trying to exit the system hung - no BSOD, mouse visibile and mobile but cannot select any windows, cannot Ctrl-Alt-Del or anything else.
Hard Rebooted.
now system comes up with the usual "did not shut down properly" message.
tried boot normally - system reboots itself after the loading windows screen (the one with the green bar that goes along it)
tried boot last know good -same effect
tried boot safe mode / safe mode with command promt / safe mode with networking.
With each of the above selected esc to cancell loading sptd.
same effect - crunch crash reboot.
tried using an XP disk to get to the recovery consol - got to the c:\ prompt - but cannot really do anything - c:\ and d:\ claim to have no disk in (they are my sata drives) - ditto e:\ which was the cd I had just booted from.
tried the disable stpd thingy - it responded that the registry was knackered ("does not appear to have an active control set key) .

11.03.2007, 23:06
If you can boot to a windows loading screen, than the XP recovery CD should show whats on your boot hdd.
Did you try a DIR to get a directory listing once you get the C: prompt?

Unless your sata drives require special drivers. In that case you need to load the drivers from a floppy disk using F6 when you start up on the XP cd to be able to access thier contents from the recovery cd.

12.03.2007, 07:21
Hi darth,
tried a dir of c:\ -it comes up with no disk present / loaded.
I've noticed that the drives are not showing up in the bios now - but they are visibile to the raid controller???
Not award of any special drivers for the SATA - if they are needed I'm kinda knackered as I don't have any for them - and that machine is the only one in the house with a floppy drive :(.
And I also dont have a windows recovery CD.
All in all I think I'm almost in new computer territory now - or maybe a new mobo.