View Full Version : YASU insufficient user privileges?

14.03.2007, 09:20
Hi, everytime I run YASU i get the message

"YASU was unable to hide any devices for SecurROM 7.x, this may due to insufficient user privileges. If this problem persists, contact your system administrator....click OK to exit Y.A.S.U."

Windows XP SP2, Administrator account so rather confuzzled as to why that comes up.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! :)

14.03.2007, 10:15
You or another application (perhaps another anti-blacklist tool) has blocked some permissions in your system registry.

Have you used any other tools besides Y.A.S.U?

14.03.2007, 17:20
Nothing that im aware of or at least nothing for a long long time. Any idea how to change the permissions in the registry back to normal?

I just reposted by accident btw because i forgot id done it earlier....yes thats how useless i am!

14.03.2007, 21:34
You may try to use curesecurom...