View Full Version : Virtual Floppy Drive wont go away, I did not create it (Read FAQ no help)

18.03.2007, 04:01
Hello, I was mounting some .bin, .cue, .mdf, and .mds files and after a reboot I noticed I not had a floppy drive, which I dont have.

I tried uninstalling the drive from the device manager but every time I do when I reboot it comes back, you hear the sound that is played when you connect a usb device, a message comes up, found new hardware, installing drivers.

I unistalled daemon tools and deleted the registry values and this virtual floppy drive keeps coming back, how do I get this sucker to go away?


18.03.2007, 11:56
Daemon Tools does not create floppy drives.

18.03.2007, 15:18
Go into your BIOS and make sure it's not set to look for a floppy drive (set the floppy drive to 'None'). Otherwise, I believe WinImage has an option to create a virtual floppy drive. As Copytrooper said, DTools didn't do this.