View Full Version : Y.A.S.U 1.1.7035 Released

21.03.2007, 00:34
Version History:

Modified "System Permissions Check", now works more effectivly.
Added balloon tips, tips are only visible if Y.A.S.U's main window is hidden.
Implemented "Permission Repair", this will attempt to repair damaged/invalid registry permissions, this function is NOT automatic and will prompt before continuing.
Few minor bugs fixed, Window Icon overlapping Text, File name in Log save dialog.

The download file is currently being added to the DAEMON-Tools downloads section...
If you can't wait please visit the Y.A.S.U Project Page (http://yasu.copybase.ch/)

21.03.2007, 10:00
nice... fast update!! i check it in about a few hours.. need to go to school now!

22.03.2007, 21:40
.. but is blacklisted and doesn't work with silent hunter 1.1.
but it worked great for 1.0.
thx for the great work

24.03.2007, 15:34
will there be hope that there will be a SF support also? I would rather like to play Colin McRae 2005 from my DVD image. From original it works perfekt, but not from my image :rolleyes:

24.03.2007, 15:47
You dont need support for SF, as Daemon Tools is enough for StarForce.

25.03.2007, 14:09
You dont need support for SF, as Daemon Tools is enough for StarForce.
well, not for my image from Colin mcrae 2005. Maybe the mds is not good enough

25.03.2007, 22:51
You need to unplug your physical drives to play CMR05

26.03.2007, 03:47
to clarify some things up here, as it seems to me some users
do not "know" about what exactly an unblacklister is:

it is exactly that! The name explains it all

Yasu does not emulate. StarForce's system is
different to that of most other protections. It does not use
"usual" antiblacklists so Yasu would not help in this discipline.

Yasu is in first case a solution to the fast antiblacklists - it is
to prevent the users from reinstallation / download a new
DT-Version all day long, if you want, you can see it as a
"patch" to DaemonTools, exactly like the patches that are
used to upgrade new protections.

This is reason why they can't provide you with "simple"
solution here and a new DT version is necessary for some
protections. Yasu then use this "base" to further "harden"

As for Colin 2005, your mds is shit or you have to unplug your
drives, depends on your chipsets and on the quality of your

With DT Pro we hopefully do not need anymore Antiblacklisters as they use different system there.

26.03.2007, 05:49
some newer patches dont work with 35 :(

like neverwinter nights 1.05 ....

oh well... nice release though

26.03.2007, 17:40
With DT Pro we hopefully do not need anymore Antiblacklisters as they use different system there.

Well, thanks for the Information. You were right. I didnґt know what yasu exaktly does to my system.

Well, i tried it 5 times to make a working mds file, but it doesnґt worked yet. Even tools like night... didnґt work. Only with the original i have nor problems.

The only hope i had, was the idea of me, that yasu hides the drives, so i thought, why shouldnґt it also hide it for starforce? But now i know, it doesnґt realy hide them :D

26.03.2007, 19:03
the same release like the customer one?

31.03.2007, 14:22
The download file is currently being added to the DAEMON-Tools downloads section...

After 10 days, YASU is still not available at DT download section.

On the project page it is, but i think you should add it here too.


07.04.2007, 05:42
hi guys. please tell me if y.a.s.u work with all version of securerom and safedisc? or it only works with securom 7 and safedisc 4 where blacklist technology applicable? (i.e other version does not use blacklist. Cause i'm not sure if it work with safedisc 3 or securerom 5 (i found some tool to do it).
Do i need to hide virtual drive when play safedisc 3 games?

07.04.2007, 12:30
@icestorm1988: No, you don't need any Antiblacklisting for Safedisc 3.


07.04.2007, 13:38
can we please add an autostart cloak? will be nice :D

07.04.2007, 13:46
@Hanschke: read the Readme and the Commandline Parameters. Also take a look at the Sample Scripts!


07.04.2007, 19:01
can we please add an autostart cloak? will be nice

Just make a shortcut of YASU and add "-a".

Doubleklick on the shortcut and after that, YASU will cloak your vDrives at booting windows automatically.

10.04.2007, 06:19
doh, project name clash...
no idea who named it first, but it might explain some really weird questions about it :)

13.04.2007, 13:30
How do I deactivate kernel debugger?? I've got windows vista and I have to deactivate kernel debugger to use deamon tools on my computer. please help me!?

13.04.2007, 15:11
Kernel debugger?? What kind of software have you installed? (because on Vista, even if you have Visual studio and Delphi installed, you don't have a kernel debugger installed.

To me, it seems you are in front of the popup message you get when you install DT.

13.04.2007, 15:25
afaik DT/SPTD displays this messages only in older version. So please use newest DT-Version.

btw: its a bit off topic here, isn't it?

13.04.2007, 15:38
It happens every time I've trying to start DT, the same thing happens when I try to install Alcohol 120? And I dont know what to do?

13.04.2007, 18:11
Install this driver:


15.04.2007, 08:59
hi guys. Does yasu work with new version of safedisc 4.60? i'm finding a software that cloak safedisc and secureROm (safedisc4hider great but only work with safedisc).

15.04.2007, 20:33
Yes, it does.

01.02.2009, 03:48
hey guys i have a copy of the GTA IV , i made this as i always end up screwin my original dvd. i installed the game by mouting the copy of the game. now when i play it says u gota insert the original dvd, so i decided to download yasu to use it along with the Damoen tools...1st thing i do not know whr to download the Yasu from and dont know how to use it. i am using damoen tools pro 4.30 how . i need to ply this game desperatly

01.02.2009, 12:33
Insert original dvd means your image is bad, you have to recreate it with New SecuROM profile and you have to try different DPM read speeds until it works.