View Full Version : wifi worked... until daemon tools

24.03.2007, 13:19
Daemon tools is a great product, especially since it's free for the most part. I downloaded it a while back and everything was good...

until i couldn't hook up to the net anymore through my wireless. No matter what i did to it, it still wouldn't connect. I tried reinstalling windows (i had to anyway since my MIDIs were givin me trouble) and when I installed my card right after first boot, it connected just fine. then i installed daemon tools and after I rebooted, my wireless wouldn't connect anymore. Anybody have this problem or an idea how to fix it? I have a d-link dwl-g520 rev B card on a system running windows xp pro w/ sp2

25.03.2007, 04:52
well, it doesn't matter anyway. I went and found the free version of Alcohol 52%, which does the job pretty well.

BUT, if anybody has a solution, that'd be greatly appreciated because the thing that makes me choose dt over alcohol is the tray icon

27.03.2007, 14:15
I can't see how DTools is the cause of your problem, since Alcohol and DTools use the same virtual drives. Nothing in DTools should affect your wireless connection, especially if Alcohol doesn't. But in any case, you can have Alcohol in the SysTray as well.

1) Check "Autostart Alcohol when Windows start"
2) Uncheck "Execute Alcohol in Fullscreen mode"
3) Check "Show Alcohol in: Taskbar and System Tray" (or just System Tray)
4) Check "When clicking the close button: Minimize Alcohol"

Worse case scenario is that on reboot you may have to click to close the Alcohol window, but otherwise it will remain in the SysTray for quick access.

29.03.2007, 02:59
well... yeah, i already figured that out.

so no one really knows? alright then, that's cool