View Full Version : "Internal Error 2203. C:\WINNT\Installer\7c8e6a.ipi,-21

04.12.2002, 13:40
"Internal Error 2203. C:\WINNT\Installer\7c8e6a.ipi,-2147287035"

My os is w2k with sp3 and I can't install DT326 or older because of this error message. I've looked for solution with google but there's no help... I've been wondering that this issue has something to do with SP3 but there's no way to uninstall it... I dont have uninstalling packages on my computer... fu*k!

If someone had same problem and did get solution for that. It would be nice to know that also...

I'm not going to install Windows eXPerience...=)

04.12.2002, 15:32
Well, according to windows installer documentation, that error means that the installer database could not be opened. Verify you have permission in that folder. Also try out something else that uses msi, like alcohol 120%.

04.12.2002, 16:42
Indeed same problem occurs with alhocol 120%... I think that I've permission to do installation because I'm logged in as Administrator...? and I have also checked permission also in C:\winnt\installer and there's nothing wrong in there with permissions...

05.12.2002, 17:15
DAEMON Tools unpacks its installation files to the TEMP dir - so you will have to check permissions for your temp dir (maybe you changed it or you changed the windows settings for the usual temporary directory).
What bothers me is that Alcohol by standard unpacks to the dir you started the install file from?!?!
Maybe a problem with MS Installer. Try and reinstall it.

08.12.2002, 18:06
No more problems with Daemon Tools... I dunno what other problems I would meet because I installed Win XP... =) But DT works just fine...

I couldn't re-install my Micro$oft installer because it came with SP3 for W2K so I decided to try Win eXPerience...