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19.11.2003, 01:33
Any body know what Protection is used on this, the newest of my Bioware games? :)


08.12.2003, 22:29
dOOd, don't bother.

This game does not work with the current version of D-Tools 3.41. :x

I have created images with BlindWrite 5.0.2, as this game is a SecuRom protected game ( well according to Gamecopyworld anyway );

but they don't run as I think this game is black listed.

Just install the game from your CD's, then get the No-CD .exe from game copy world and be done with it.

11.12.2003, 15:55
The game works fine for me with a backup cd (made with BW5) and RMPS emulation on :)
Too bad it won't run from the image, but it seems that this will change soon :twisted:

11.12.2003, 17:45
Ok, after updating KOTOR the RMPS emulation is detected by Securom :?

It now uses the newest Securom 5 which claims to be 'emulator proof'...

I guess I'll just wait for a new version of DT :)

29.05.2006, 18:42
hi guys, im having the same problem, is there any way to fix this? i keep getting "please insert a disc thats not a backup"

(old thread i know, saves me starting a new one)

30.05.2006, 16:43
Please continue the discussion in the new thread you created.