View Full Version : Images load VERY slow

30.03.2007, 08:38
I never had any problems running DT, but someday ALL my images (games mostly) started to load extremely slow. It usually takes 5 to 20 mins to load image depending on size and during this time it uses 100% of system resources. So I actually can't do anything during this process.

Is there ANY workaround for this problem? It's quite a pain.

30.03.2007, 15:31
Long mount times are usually caused by extreme fragmentation, so try to defragment your hdd/partition.
Do you also use NTFS compression?
We're working on the issue.

02.04.2007, 19:41
Defragmenting HDD really did help. This is probably the first time when defragmentation was really helpful.

Thank you for good advice!