View Full Version : No Virtual Drive E:

01.04.2007, 08:15
This is the my first time using DT and I'm using it on Windows Vista.
I have installed the game fine with DT but when I clicked on the icon for the game it says "Insert original disk." I tried changing the drive its on to E:. But I only get L and down, I have heard you can add drives but I don't know where that would be even if that would help.
Note: I have looked at the none issues at this problem and I have no idea what a 1:1 copy is.

04.04.2007, 22:14
Well... a 1:1 copy is basicly a 1 to 1 copy of a disk. This means you're not writing a disk with an image file but with the original C.D.
And what do you mean you only get L? Which game are you trying to play? Do you have SPTD 1.42? What are you system specs? Are you using DAEMON Tools v.4.08? If not, update all of those and try again. SPTD 1.42 can be found here (http://www.duplexsecure.com). They developed it so you should have no virus or anything like that from there. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD DAEMON TOOLS FROM HERE! With the DT instalation comes SPTD 1.39 although, so after installing DT install SPTD 1.42 otherwise you computer may screw up on you. I'm not sure if I fully understand your problem so don't trust me 100% on some things except the updating.

05.04.2007, 14:54
If you install SPTD 1.42 first, then DT 4.08 will just use it instead of installing 1.39.