View Full Version : Drive Letter Problems With 2 Disk Games

19.11.2003, 12:18
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Burning Software: Nero 6 Ultra Edition and Alcohol 120% ver 1.46.711
Anti-virus Software: Norton Anti-virus ver 6.00.17
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

:?: Maybe I'm just being a bit dim here (nothing new!) but I can't seem to find a solution to my problem and I'm sure it must have happened to someone else. Anyway, I have an ISO image of Icewind Dale 2 which comes on 2 discs (I do have the original but hate having to search through stacks of discs when wanting to play something) the first of which (the install disk) mounts perfectly. I then install the game without problems to the C: drive (my hard drive is partitioned to 2 drives, C: and D:) but when I come to actually playing the game it asks for the second disk to be placed in drive E: which is my DVDrom drive (drive F: is my CDRW drive). As Daemon's first available drive therefore defaults to G:, how can I mount the second disk image? I am aware that I can change drive letters within Daemon but not to the drive the game asks for, which will always default to the lowest drive letter available.
Seems to defeat the point of creating a drive image if I still have to hunt out disk 2 every time I want to play.