View Full Version : Prob after update , comp crash

02.04.2007, 13:48
I hade verision 3.something before and everything was fine , then i updated it to the newest and after its done i get an error massage and the comp crashes:confused: now i cant run any installasion to update or remove it even thou deamon tools isnt on my comp , it still shows the active cd-roms and i can find it on add/remove but i cant find anything else on my comp or in the register ,

so i cant even run the old deamon tools now so i cant mount anythng right now , help needed

i havnt encountered any problems before and is pretty much a noob on this stuff .

02.04.2007, 19:12
Un-installation of v4.0x should be done via Uninstall icon in Daemon Tools program group, or uninst.exe in Daemon Tools installation folder.
But first of all ensure complete removal of v3.x version. Which version did you have installed? For v3.43 - v3.47 check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.
Then ensure you use newest SPTD layer version 1.42:
If it still crashes, uninstall SPTD layer or disable it in registry (see thread about how to remove v4 in common problems and solutions forum).
And check Windows\Minidump folder if you've minidump related to that crash. Send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.

06.04.2007, 12:40
well i guess thats the problem but i cant remove my old verision , whenever i try to uninstall i get error and my comp crashes
this is what happens when the uninstalation or update is rdy.
if i click yes my computer crashes and if i click no it says that the installation cant continue , i have tryed and remove everything manualy but it dosnt seem to work

10.04.2007, 16:43
is there noone who have hade the same problem or know how to fix it in any way ?