View Full Version : Cannot mount image, help me please.

19.11.2003, 15:41
Operating System: WinXp Home edition
Burning Software: N/A
Anti-virus Software: Pc-cillin
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

The problem is this, when i am trying to mount a image it says :
Unable to mount image. Cue sheet: No tracks specified :cry:
So if anyone could help me in this id b gratefull

19.11.2003, 15:45
Post the cue-sheet!

19.11.2003, 15:48
Man , i am so noob. Post what ? the cue file you mean ?

19.11.2003, 15:49
The .cue-file is a simple plain text file - just open it with e.g. the Windows Editor, and copy'n'paste the contents here.

19.11.2003, 15:57
Okey, i understandet the last part but can it b so hard. I cant get it open, so with what program i can open .cue file. I cant find anything or i am just too stupid :?

19.11.2003, 16:23
What's the problem!? Just open an Editor/Notepad, open the file menu, click "open", browse to the .cue-file, and open it!
Then copy'n'paste the contents - can't be that difficult.

19.11.2003, 16:25
'' '' There is what notepad says/ shows :P

Wordpad says/shows only a line of boxes

Edit // I think it could be corrupted the whole shit :P

19.11.2003, 21:22
Try to mount your image without the cue-file then. If it's only contain one
track, it's possible that it works