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06.04.2007, 06:02
I switched my motherboard and XP SP2 won't boot anymore. In safe mode, it shows loading d347bus.sys (press esc to cancel). Either I press esc or not, it reboots again.

I've tried deleting d347bus.sys, it won't show loading d347bus.sys but it still reboots.

Please help!!!

06.04.2007, 11:45
You can not change the mainboard and boot XP, it won't work! You've to do either a repair installation (NOT recommended), or re-install Windows XP (recommended).

07.04.2007, 01:43
Thanks... It looks like that's the only way out.

07.04.2007, 02:03
As Copytrooper said, you need to reinstall Windows. It has nothing to do with the DTools driver. It's just coincidence that it's the last line you see, since it's the last driver loaded like that before Windows starts (and it always give you an option to skip it in Safe Mode, whether it's working fine or not).

07.04.2007, 08:05
I have the same problem well not exactly the same but i restarted my laptop yesterday and now im getting the d347bus.sys thingy and even if i skip it in safe mode it still wont start the pc it just gets the blue screen of death after a few moments i pressed esc to skip it :/

07.04.2007, 09:54
Pretty obvious the BSOD is not caused by it then.