View Full Version : Vista - Can't access registry?

06.04.2007, 22:15
i have a problem on vista home premium... after installing dt, i get an error that device cannot be created or smth cause "cannot access registry" (i am logged on as admin)... then, when i right click on the icon i get a virtual scsi not available error, and the icon disappears... i checked a few posts here but couldn't find anything about this... i found some ppl having probs with not being able to create a virtual device and someone posted a solution through device manager, but i cannot find the device mentioned... i am also not able to create a virtual device using alcohol, but i don't get anything about the registry - only a "unable to add adapter" error... any ideas how to resolve this?

07.04.2007, 03:08
Try installing the latest public beta of SPTD 1.43.


07.04.2007, 14:45
i used 1.42 with no luck... i'll try the beta one too
i did solve the prob with alcohol by installing it and running it one time in safe mode... now i can change virtual drives at will, and even uninstall and reinstall normally! i'll try the same with dt too

18.04.2007, 16:42
Try running DT as an administrator. This should fix the registry error.

26.04.2007, 22:57
I have a simmilar problem. I've installed SPTDinst-v143-x86,
then daemon4091-x86 on Windows Vista Home Premium on a VAIO notebook.
When tryin to run DT i get the Message "Unable to add Adapter Device Problem 39"
After clicking on the Icon in the Task Bar I become the message: "Virtual SCSI Driver not detected", then it dissapears.
Now I even can`t run the unintalll Programm: "Setup is unable to validate installation"

I`ve tried under Save mod and I`m logged as administrator.

Would be very kind if you could help solving my problem.