View Full Version : Help with Nero Burner... where can i find a free copy of Alcohol?

19.11.2003, 20:55
It's first time I'm using Nero Burner and Deamon Tools... Now to the story... I made a perfect copy of Black and White as far as i could tell but when I loaded the image on to the drive the start menu came up but when I clicked playgame it said "Please insert correct cd-rom".
note: I did have the emulator on SafeDisc

I'm getting pretty erhh.. pissed off? with Nero right now

20.11.2003, 13:04
You can't make 1:1 copy using nero. Try some other software. But all are payed. Alcohol 120%,BlindWrite,******** or CloneCD

20.11.2003, 22:09
of course you can get a free copy of ALCOHOL120% bur for a month only !

Just test it here : http://www.alcohol-soft.com

13.03.2004, 00:38
I have A120% and when I play my black and white it works BUT it comes out all funky like all the polygons are messed up. but use the real CD it works fine.

08.07.2004, 19:36
I have Nero 6 ultra, and it creates perfect copies of a lot of good games. You just have to set up your options right. One option that makes a difference is the write mode. It has to be set to "disk-at-once/96". Set it there and you can burn most games perfectly.

09.07.2004, 12:24
DAO/96 is good for copy protections, as it reads the Sub-Channel data, used with a fair few copy protections like SecuROM.