View Full Version : SecuRom v4.85 protected game - can't get image to work

19.11.2003, 22:14
Hello! I'm trying to make an image of a SecuROM v4.85 *new* protected game but the image doesn't seem to work. The game won't play.

I created the image using Blindwrite 5, and enabled RMPS emulation. Any ideas? I guess i could play from the original cd (which works fine) but i like using cd images to save cd switching all the time.

19.11.2003, 22:50
What is the game and are you using bw5mount plugin?

19.11.2003, 22:55
Worms3D, and i'm using the bw5mount plugin :)

20.11.2003, 09:10
Do you receive error mounting or you just get 'insert cd' error?

You shouldn't need rmps emulation when playing from an image.

Can you email me your b5t file to andareed@daemon-tools.cc?

20.11.2003, 12:55
It's a strange problem - there's no particular error message, it just fails to start. After you click the launch button it waits a bit and then nothing happens - during this time you get the 'busy' mouse pointer. I presume this pause is when the SecuRom check takes place; if you are playing from the cd you hear it spin up a little, then the game launches.

I'll send you the file :)

20.11.2003, 14:06
Probably the already known blacklisting of the virtual drive. Moreover RMPS emulation is not needed from image.

20.11.2003, 15:05
I tried it both with and without emulation but it didn't work either way. Is there a way to get round the blacklisting or is that impossible?

20.11.2003, 15:17
You'll have to wait for next Daemon Tools version.

20.11.2003, 15:38
thanks for the info :)

23.11.2003, 02:14
I Guess im having the same problems....? :arrow: http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=1778