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19.11.2003, 22:37

- Can dtools autodetect which type of emulation an image uses? Can this feature be incorporate in future versions?


- If I had several CD images burned onto one DVD-ROM as files (remain in .iso, .bin, .ccd, etc.) Can dtools mount these images directly from the DVD?

- The same DVD in my previous question. If I made an image of it, can dtool mount this DVD image using one virtual drive and open another virtual drive to mount the CD images within? How many layers/depth of emulations can it go?

btw, I'm using ver 3.33.

helpme wolf
22.11.2003, 23:05
For the second set of questions, why dont you just try it out?

22.11.2003, 23:34
1) If you have made a good image, you should not need any emulation settings.

2) Yes

3) Yes. But don't try to mount G:\image.iso to G:\ :)

23.11.2003, 08:22
Thanks, Andareed. That was very helpful!
Now I can 'backup' my CD games + their trainers & cheats onto a DVD without worry :D