View Full Version : System Hangs on Startup (VISTA)

09.04.2007, 13:50
Hey folks, you may remember a while back there was problems with D-tools and some anti-virus programs (I think) where automounting on startup caused the computer to freeze, well, I appear to be having to same troubles in Vista, it could just be a quirk in the OS but I think it's the same problem because the symptoms (the freeze, yes I know, broad) is the same and the solution (not mounting at start up) seems to fix the problem.
During my troubleshoot I went through and culled nHancer which may also have been a cause of the problems, I cannot pin-point the problems to D-tools because there seem to be little record of anything in the eventviewer (it's also been re-orgainised in Vista so I might just be having a hard time spotting it.)
I am using D-tools 4.08HE. Was using SPTD 1.39, updated to 1.43 public beta just now, will test to see if that fixes the problem.
Just a heads-up about a possible problem.