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04.12.2002, 19:33
Can anybody tell me : is it possible to copy StarForce protected CDs? What StarForce is based on? Where can I find more information about StarForce....
Thanks for any information or links.

04.12.2002, 19:55
according to Romsla's Post (http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?act=ST&f=32&t=1209&s=49ba1f780269f800f2d3eb7549a4eab0) on the official Alcohol Forum, it is impossible to burn StarForce protected discs.



04.12.2002, 22:38
That's really sad.... We can't make a copy, let's emulate! At the post, mentioned above it is said, that we can't get some params of the CD. But the original program recognizes the CD! What can stop us make a copy on a hard drive and then make the program think it used original CD?
Alcohol team is working on the problem, but maybe there is already such a prog?

04.12.2002, 23:36
EVERYTHING can be emulated, and don't worry: Check HP and Board here from time to time :) Daemon Tools is always "in development"

and I'm sure, AlcoholTeam is doing the same :)

04.03.2003, 17:40
Can we talk about StarForce on this topic? don't say: look at this..., go here... I want to talk about principles of this protection and more other...

with Respect...

04.03.2003, 23:29
Starforce is basically very similar to f.e. Securom V4.8x-Protection or CD-COPS. It depends on physical data measurement. Internal it's more advanced than the other protections, because it uses a special-driver to avoid emulation. This is all the info I wanna get out of hand at the moment, better explanations will follow as soon as Daemon Tools official support all StarForce-Protections.

05.03.2003, 09:06
AFAIK StarForce uses ATIP information for checking CD. Can i find CD-R with indentical ATIP? And if i found this can i write 1:1 protected CD?

05.03.2003, 10:34
ATIP-check is used to identify backups in writers only - original cds donÒ‘t have ATIP-info.

05.03.2003, 11:38
Tnx, i don't know that. I think CD-ROM (not Writter) can't read ATIP from CD, what did you say about this?

05.03.2003, 11:42
Probably your cd-rom can not read ATIP-info. But ATIP-check is additional part of copy protections only.

05.03.2003, 11:49
"additional part"? and what in main part checks?

05.03.2003, 11:58
Data in Q-Sub-channel, defect sectors, or - like most copy protections atm (e.g. Starforce, SecuROM 4.8x, ProtectCD5) - physical structure of original cd.

05.03.2003, 12:11
Whats about CD-ROM's who doesn't support reading information from sub-channels?
And defect sectors can be correct (?) written by same CD-Writters.
Don't forgot we talk about StarForce protection and not anything about else.

05.03.2003, 15:17
Your Question is already answered: StarForce checks for physical data measurement. Nothing more, nothing less. Read about Securom *New* V4.8x to read more about physical data measurement.

05.03.2003, 16:09
ok, just read.
next Q: how changes StarForce1, 2 and 3?

05.03.2003, 21:26
Well, it's clear StarForce uses physical data to identify CDs. But before disk check it asks for code (I don't know about other copy protections). It seems the code tells StarForce how to check cd. So maybe it's possible to make a kind of code generator, it will make codes that could work with common CD-R(W) dicks? :roll:

06.03.2003, 00:41
This is not very feasible. First, the code of starforce is encrypted. Second, every version, starforce could slightly alter the code check process. Third, there are (more than likely) cracks which bypass this already.

06.03.2003, 17:06
How StarForce check CD-R Media? It have driver or use MS driver? Why i asks about this?
In first i looks StarForce when some people give me CD with game named Etherlords (i get Russian version, and it was one year ago). When i copying this CD on CD-RW disk - game doesn't work (i check "Hide CD-R Media" in CloneCD). Emulate isn't works too. On some forums i found information about how we can run game from CD-R (or RW, and this disk you may write by Easy CD Creator, who does not support copying ProtCDs) disks. In DOS mode i move some files from \Windows\System directory (wnaspi32.dll, winaspi.dll) in other directory in case. Windows starts normaly, no BSoD or other error, and in 9 of 10 cases EtherLords run normaly.
AFAIK CloneCD don't use standart windows ASPI drivers, but StarForce used it? EtherLords the first game who i get with StarForce and i think CD have early version of StarForce, and whith new version of this protection it not works, maybe...
This game just Cloned by my friend, and he can run cloned copy don't delete ASPI drivers, but only eject disk, and inject, when game sad: "Disk not found", and do it 5-10 times, then game running normaly. This is second variant how we run copyed game protected starforce.
May be it help to understand how works this protection. And I want return to first question in first paragraph.

PS: sorry for my english, i wrote this message about 30min and i tired...

with Respect...

06.03.2003, 19:39
we know how StarForce work and if you from the begin post what you thought or experiented than the most postings here are unnecessary.

And your question is already answered: It uses more advanced methods than other protections.

Don't misunderstood me: Normaly we welcome hints, in this case we already know about the mechanism, the internal structures and so on. It's only that we discuss this internal, not on the public, for several reasons.

09.03.2003, 18:46
Really, can anybody tell us what's new in StarForce 3? I tried to copy a StarForce 3 protected CD with alcohol, but failed! I even set DPM Precision : High, but still no result...

09.03.2003, 19:17
Starforce 3=starforce 2+anti-debugging code+check for virtual devices
you can try to mount the imge on a virtual device.
Do not set the accuracy on high, simply use the starforce profile

09.03.2003, 20:16
check for virtual devices
So I can not use Alcohol Virtual device you mean?

10.03.2003, 13:41
you can use any SCSI device (virtual drives have SCSI drivers) only if you haven't got any IDE drive