View Full Version : Error running D-Tools on WinXP

11.04.2007, 17:43
Error message:
Unable to add adapter. Device problem 39. ACPI function in the bios must not be turned off.

This error appears whenever trying to create a virtual drive (set #drives > 0). Additionally installed STPD 1.42 directly, still no change.

Event log appears clean- no error messages.

Only thing about my system is that it's running the PointSec harddisc encryption- I believe that might be interfering? Btw, Nero Image Drive is able to mount images successfully...

Any ideas/ logfiles/ things to do?


13.04.2007, 01:56
Have you checked your BIOS settings to see if ACPI is indeed disabled?

13.04.2007, 10:31
The machine is an HP nc6400 notebook- BIOS doesn't have an ACPI setting. Device manager says its an ACPI Multiprocessor PC. Happy to run any logging you'd need.


13.04.2007, 20:07
Check in device manager if this PointSec harddisc encryption software installs some kind of filter driver for the virtual devices. Post the list of drivers mentioned in properties of the Daemon Tools drive.

15.04.2007, 10:44
Not sure how to check the drivers for the daemon tools drive- the erorr appears whenever setting #devices > 0, so the daemon tools drive is never created in the first place?


15.04.2007, 10:49
Well, check your real drives then, maybe it gives a clue.

16.04.2007, 10:33
Sorry, wasnt sure what you meant. Yes, there are various drivers (top to bottom):

disk.sys (MS)
drvmcdb.sys (Sonic Solutions)
hpdskflt.sys (HP- not sure what that one does)
partmgr.sys (MS)
prot_2k.sys (Pointsec Mobile)

Could try removing the Sonic one for testing- not using that anyway.


16.04.2007, 14:31
You should look at filters for SCSI/RAID class controllers as it seems preventing Daemon SCSI Controller from starting.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E97B-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

16.04.2007, 14:47
Only gen_scsiadapter from MS (0000). And now that I've installed it (that one's working, too) Elby's VirtualCloneDrive (0001). That wasn't present when the problems where experienced though.

Any more ideas?

17.04.2007, 11:21
Please contact our support mail support@daemon-tools.cc.

07.07.2007, 19:35
Just wanted to let you guys know, I'm having the exact same problem.

I'm also using an HP nc6400 running Pointsec. 4.03 works fine though, so I'm fine for now. :)

14.04.2009, 10:26
I have the same problem, using same machine and also pointsec.

Any solution here?

14.04.2009, 11:55

Proventia caused the problem on my machine.

17.09.2009, 22:07

I can't tell you how happy I am. I thought I'd just have to wait until I reinstall Windows but no - it finally works!
It's the fu***ng Proventia Desktop that causes the problem as this thread already tells us: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/%5B4-12-4%5D-unable-add-adapter-device-problem-39-a-21682/

But here's more: it's not just the problem of Proventia running and therefore blocking your sptd service, it seems that the problem comes simply by Proventia being installed, even though not running. At least it was so in my case. I uninstalled Proventia Desktop (you can see how to do that here (pdf page 65): http://documents.iss.net/literature/proventia/ProventiaDesktop_UG.pdf) and voila, virtual drives are all back in the game and no 39 error occurs any more. Hope it helps.

P.S.: In case anybody is wondering, Proventia is usually installed in Program Files/ISS directory.