View Full Version : How the hell do i create a image file?

20.11.2003, 05:54
How in God's green earth do i create a image file for my game (I read the Help Section and still clueless) maybe someone can explain this in english for me :roll:

20.11.2003, 11:06
nvm find out

20.11.2003, 18:43
Hi Monk,

I'm probably the least qualified person on the entire internet to answer your question but at least you'll get a reply :-)

Depending on what software you're using, you should be able to do a search in the program help and get a step by step 'how-to'. I own CloneCD and Nero and this is the case with these two programs.

You can still get clonecd but not from the ELBY homepage anymore. I saw a link somewhere in these forums to SLYSOFT (I think) where you can still buy it. Nero you can get from their website or off the shelf.

Hope this helps you out.


21.11.2003, 05:59
hmmm, then which software should i use?

21.11.2003, 19:01
Use Alcohol120% or BlindWrite or CloneCD and read the help files ...

21.11.2003, 19:16
hmmm, then which software should i use?


Again, I'm no expert by any means but I've been reading up a little on the Alcohol 120 and it sounds like the way to go. (I'm thinking about buying it myself once I determine whether or not the burner on my new pc is adequate for reading and writing the newer protections.) A few months ago, I would have steered you toward CloneCD but since it's not updated anymore and the copy protection technology is marching on....it probably isn't the best bang for your buck.


29.11.2003, 00:48
When you say Make an Image are you saying and ISO image. Is that what I need to create to play the games with Daemon.