View Full Version : Cannot re-install because of "daemon.msi" error.

14.04.2007, 18:39
I had been running a version of daemon tools that I got off of oldversion.com for awhile on my external hard drive. However I need to update it in order to mount one of my mini-images. I must have messed up an install and one time and just coppied the files onto my external hard drive because it tells me that there is already a daemon tools on my computer and it asks to update or remove. When I click update it tells me that it cannot find "daemon.msi" in something like "c:/windows/installer/" any ideas what I need to do in order to get it to install?

15.04.2007, 10:06
Get required msi-file in our download section archive, then place it in mentioned folder.

15.04.2007, 21:28
Alternatively, if you can't find the MSI for the specific version you're running, download MSICUU from MS (search Google for it) and use it to erase DTools from the system, then manually remove the DTools directory, and the drivers from the registry and the Windows directory.