View Full Version : DT doesnt start 4.09

15.04.2007, 11:35
i have installed whitout any problems, and when i run daemon tools the "please wait" window comes up and disappears after a few seconds. then i run again but nothing happens. :confused:

15.04.2007, 12:44
Now, is there a DT icon in your system tray...? That's still where you operate it...

15.04.2007, 15:58
what is system tray?

15.04.2007, 16:37
what is system tray?

You know where your windows clock is? Bottom right, there shuld be a new tray icon.

15.04.2007, 16:54
yes it is, a red DT icon

15.04.2007, 21:31
Then it's running fine. That's where you operate the virtual drives from.