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15.04.2007, 23:10

I have problems with my O/S Vista Ultimate.

Randomly (most of the time after some hours) my PC is completely freezed (keyboard and mouse don't work).

The only thing I can do is to shut my pc down by the power button.

When I press the reset button my PC will freeze when the Intel logo appears during booting.

I googled a lot and saw some problems with Daemon Tools.

Is it possible SPTD/Daemon Tools is causing problems?

I hope somebody can help me, because these freezes make me insane.

I installed the latest version of Daemon Tools v. 4.09.

The problem is I installed a lot of software, therefore it's hard to exclude one.

Kind Regards http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon12.gif

16.04.2007, 11:26
Since your PC seems to hang in a very early BIOS stage during the reboot, you can safely rule out that any installed software has something to do with it. This seems to be a hardware problem of some kind.

My best guess would be a serious heat problem, since it always happens after some time and it obviously remains even after a reset.

Did you in any way overclock your CPU or RAM? Or have you enabled what many mainboard vendors call something like "high performance mode" or "turbo" in the BIOS? Such a performance mode usually slightly overclocks the CPU, RAM and Hyptertransport frequencies and can cause problems.

You could try opening up your PC case to see if the problem also happens that qay. Or maybe use a fan to blow cool air into the case. You should also try monitoring the temperatures of your CPU, mainboard chips, RAM and graphics card. There are many such applications available from the mainboard vendors or as shareware (e.g. Everest, Sisoft Sandra, Speedfan,...).

PS: Do you have the most recent BIOS version for your mainboard installed?

16.04.2007, 12:04
Yes, my system and BIOS is up-to-date.

The hanging on the bootscreen is only when I press the reset button after a freeze in Windows Vista.

Therefore I think it is not my hardware.

I have to press the power button instead the reset button to avoid the hanging on booting.

I read conflicts with Daemon Tools. I have uninstalled it for now and no hangs for so far.

Anybody else thinks DT could be a problem?

16.04.2007, 13:27
Where exactly does the hang occur? What do you understand by "bootscreen"? The actual BIOS POST screen (i.e. where CPU, drives etc. and the press ESC to enter setup is shown), or does Windows already start to boot?
If the hang occurs on BIOS level, neither SPTD nor Daemon Tools can be responsible 'cause neither are running at that stage.

16.04.2007, 13:56
The freeze is when i push the reset button when the Intel Logo appaers this is the moment to enter the Bios by pressing DEL.

I have had never hangs with XP.

I don't know what to do now http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon9.gif

17.04.2007, 11:50
As I wrote before, at this BIOS stage there is absolutely no software running. Therefore it must be either a hardware problem or a faulty/incorrect setting somewhere inside the BIOS options.

Since you described the hangs only happening after some time, a heat problem might be the best guess. Could you try to use a fan to blow some ait into your case and see if the freeze still occurs or gets delayed for some time?