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17.04.2007, 20:38
I am running DT on a Terminal Server. I can fully use the application when at the console of the Terminal Server however, when I use either a RDP Session or a Citrix Metaframe Session and attempt to access the Virtual Drive I get a "Access Denied".

I am the administrator on the Server and I am using an administrators account when accessing via RDP or a Citrix Metaframe session.

I am not intrested in multiple images all I need is a single Virtual DVD drive on a Terminal Server that users will access.

I have seen a few posts on the "Access Denied" error but no real solutions. Does anyone have any idea why I get this error?


17.04.2007, 21:11
I figured it out. I was logged into the Console of the Terminal Server at the same time as trying to RDP.

It appears that if you cannot be logged in twice with the same username and have both users access the virtual drive.