View Full Version : Not woeking the usb and internet conection!!!!

18.04.2007, 19:34
Please help me somebody,when i install daemon 4.06,4.08,4.09 after rebooting, i have problems with usb card,and internet conection.on xp professional x86, I mean nothing is working,no internet conection(i can not connect to internet), and nothing works if i connect through usb,even my wi-fi mouse.
But work fine and no problems with daemon 3.47.
please tell me how to solve the problem pleasee!!!!!!!!

19.04.2007, 14:31
SPTD can cause some conflicts with usb ports. If you want the quick fix, do this:
Go to the Start menu,
click Run,
type "msconfig" without the quotes,
then on the next window go to the 'Services' tab and find "SPTD" in the list.
Click the checkbox next to it.
Go back to the 'General' tab and click the "Normal Startup -" option.

Daemon tools wont start properly so long as SPTD is disabled, however, so this is just a quick fix.

19.04.2007, 15:11
hardly a quick fix, uninstalling daemon tools would do the same thing
but the user wanted to use daemon tools....

19.04.2007, 17:31
yes you are rigth evlncrn8,i want to use also daemon tool 4.09,and can i solve my problem and to use the daemon too?
thank you.
please help,if it is possible.

19.04.2007, 18:07
really dont know m8, best wait for a developer or someone to comment, right now though it doesn't look like it will work until the issue is addressed :(

20.04.2007, 01:18
hardly a quick fix, uninstalling daemon tools would do the same thing

SPTD doesn't uninstall completely just because a program which uses it (DT or Alcohol120%) is uninstalled. You would have to uninstall SPTD itself.