View Full Version : MD5 for DAEMON Tools 4.09 X86

20.04.2007, 21:06
The md5 given on the download page is: 1B50A23A5EB2185E3C80B0CE36511D16

The file I get from all the download links gove different md5, 3586c3a79940552f2f8c1ed96907504e.

Is this an error?

21.04.2007, 04:38
I get the same MD5. You can also right-click on the file, select properties, digital signatures, and double click the signature to verify that it's correct.

I think the download page just needs to be updated.

21.04.2007, 07:20
That hash is probably for 4.09, whereas the new version is actually 4.09.1 and - as Andareed stated - the page probably just needs updated to reflect that.

21.04.2007, 18:34

3586c3a79940552f2f8c1ed96907504e *daemon4091-x86.exe
1b50a23a5eb2185e3c80b0ce36511d16 *daemon409-x86.exe