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23.11.2003, 00:18
Ich got no DVD in my comp, only in my notebook. Now I have several troubles with my TV out. Now with having a small network, I mapped the DVD drive on my local machine. Now I have an own drive letter for the DVD drive, but unfortunately my player software won't recognize it as DVD/CD-Rom. Therefor I can't use the option "Play disc in 'k:' ". I also can't play the IFO files with the "Play DVD file on HDD", probably because of the copy protection...

I'd like to see a feature, which would let us mount a network path as a dvd/cd-rom...

don't know how hard to implemet it woul be, but I'd really like such a feature.

23.11.2003, 10:10
Won't work with CSS protected DVDs!
Did you try the "DVD from folder option" in e.g. WinDVD? Just point to the VIDEO_TS folder on the mapped drive - don't know if that works from CSS protected DVDs though.
You still can create an image from your DVD with DVD-Decrypter or try AnyDVD.

23.11.2003, 12:44
"DVD from folder option" didn't work. Sure I can create a DVD-image, if I would free up some space on my HDD :wink:
I could rip the movie directly from the DVD too, but that would block my computer for about 24 hours (to render the DivX-file). And that is something, I don't want to do, if I just want to watch the film and then give it back...
So nevermind...
...but thnx for trying to help :)

24.12.2003, 08:50
Fire up AnyDVD (http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvd.html) on the machine with the DVD-rom

09.01.2006, 14:31
I would like to see the same feature.
I have a MediaCenter PC, which also functions as the central server in my home. This Server is located in a separate room, with my other techy stuff.
Now when I want to play a DVD in my living room (without spending hours to rip it first) I need to go over to my server to insert it.
I would prefer to be able to put it in my laptop (which is in my living room because it functions as a remote control for MediaCenter).
When I simply mount the laptop's DVD drive, MediaCenter doesn't recognize it as a DVD drive and hence won't play it.

would be nice to have this fixed....

09.01.2006, 18:34
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09.01.2006, 18:59
probably for the same reason I can't sent you one....

I changed my settings, you should be able to sent me a PM now.

09.01.2006, 19:20
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09.01.2006, 19:23
I just enabled it...

09.01.2006, 19:29
I would have a tip for him... But I won't post it in the public forum.

09.01.2006, 19:32
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09.01.2006, 20:56
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09.01.2006, 21:18
check this thread.

10.01.2006, 02:43
When I simply mount the laptop's DVD drive, You can't mount a drive. You need to mount an image file.

If you are thinking about remotely controlling a physical DVD-ROM drive check out Starport and Starwind (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/download.php?mode=ViewCategory&catid=13).

10.01.2006, 10:24
Thanks, I downloaded a trial version of StarWind and StarPort, and that is exactly what I need. Works perfectly.

Yet, 50 bucks is a price to pay...

10.01.2006, 12:03
Hi Tieske8,

please contact me under djbloed@inbox.lv.
I may have another solution for you.