View Full Version : Virtual Drive letter reverts back on reboot

21.04.2007, 18:49
If I change the virtual drive letter then reboot my computer the virtual drive letter reverts back to the next available one rather than the one i changed it to.
I have v4.09.01, and have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it.
I also tried to go back to v3.47, and the problem no longer occurred but as soon as i went back to the latest version it started happening again.

BEAN Harry
22.04.2007, 14:15
I noticed that too (with XP pro)...

22.04.2007, 15:02
I don't have that problem; my drive letter stays correctly (WinXP Pro).

Did you try setting the drive letter in the computer management console?

23.04.2007, 15:57
Yeah tried the computer management console, it set the letter fine but still reverted back on restart. I have xp home.