View Full Version : BSODs with Vista x64, caused by DT?

21.04.2007, 23:32
I've random Bluescreens like IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA and now after install of the new released DT 4.09.10 (no driver update? it didn't asked to reboot etc like most of the time I install a new DT version)
I'm pretty sure it's a driver problem because...
- My RAM is ok (Checked with Memtest86)
- My CPU is ok (Checked with SuperPi, Prime95 and temperature is ok too)
- My HDDs are ok (Chkdsk with option to scan every sector didn't found any bad sectors nor errors)
But I don't know WHAT actually causes the Bluescreens :(
I'm using Vista x64 (all available Windows Updates) with UAC on.
Here my DxDiag and MsInfo32.nfo:

I wanted to analyze MiniDump but I got none for the error described below AND all other seem to be corrupted!? (gives me an error with MS debugging tools, 1392 or so)

Yes I know it's overclocked, but BSODs still happens when on default clock AND my current clocks work 100% stable (were stable under WinXP half a year ago, are stable while stress-testing (prime, superpi, games, ...))
Oh, and after installing the new 4.09.10 version I got this error the first time: (this is why I actually write here because I found that error in google with an older version of DT)
Modification of System Code or a Critical data Structure was detected
0x00000109 (0xA3A039D89494E694, 0xB3B7465EE71190AD, 0xFFFFF8000204BC90, 0x0000000000000001)

22.04.2007, 10:43
Reboot is only required when an updated SPTD is installed.

Can you upload one of your minidumps that you received?

22.04.2007, 13:38
Maybe there is no need for a Minidump.
It seems (after weeks of search for the problem) that one of my HDDs is corrupt.

Chkdsk didn't report any errors but today I installed the Wester Digital Diagnostic Tool and it gave me a "Test Cable Error" which is very rare. (Google only gives about 3-4 results)
I already swapped cable, used new ones. I assume the problem is HDD-intern.

I will return the HDD, maybe that was the whole problem.
Now I only have to backup around 300GB of DVB-recordings :(

16.07.2007, 16:17
Hey man,

I got thesame problem like yourself, random bluescreens like your errorcodes.
My setup is a core2duo e6600, 4 gb ram, intel dp965lt motherboard and a 320 gb western digital harddrive.
Have you found a sollution yet cause this is driving me crazy :mad: