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22.04.2007, 23:20
Hi there,

i already used the Search maybe not good enough but i can't find a thread that fits to my Problem. I hope you can help me.

My Problem is even i deactivate the autostart or automount of DT i get the Autostart from all 4 CD's mountet and that slows my machine right from the beginning.

I use DT 4.08HE and Win XP SP2.

If you need more information just ask here. Hope someone can help me.

23.04.2007, 11:14
Update to v4.09.

23.04.2007, 21:32
Update to v4.09.
I was having the issue on 4.09, updated to 4.09.1 today and the same issue after install.

Had to manually delete the registry key from the run section to fix it. Autostart option does not seem to function correctly, thought on 4.09 it was just my PC, but I have just gotten done doing a clean install before I installed 4.09.1 due to Visual Studio 6.0 install issues which left bloat in my registry.

DT will add the autorun just fine, but wont remove it for some reason (and I do have admin privs, am logged in now as an Admin)

24.04.2007, 06:10
The Update to 4.09 was the solution for me. No AUtostarts. Thank you :)