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22.04.2007, 22:46
I have smartlaunch and I just upgraded from 3.6 to 4.1.
I am trying to use the DT mounting.
I am having alot of inconsistency. I have a working image of WC3 TFT. The image is one my E: ....

"e:\images\thefrozenthrone.mds" .

I checked the mount image box and have that path


in the box. The verfiy paths sees the image... I started TFT on 3 differnt computers

1) computer gives an error C:\Windows\daemon.dll... and after you lick ok the game loads

2) computer gives the same error 50% of time other 50% just hangs up and goes back to game screen. Game never loads

3) computer just hangs up the goes back to game selection screen

23.04.2007, 07:28
What is the exact error message you receive?