View Full Version : Unusual image behavior

23.04.2007, 19:47
I've had a couple of images of my old games backed up on an old IDE hard disk I copied over to a spare partition in my newer SATA hard disk for use, and so I got the latest version of Daemon Tools (4.09HE) to help me along.

Unusually, I cant seem to get any farther beyond starting up the setup phase of the installation. Once it gets to copying the files needed for the game/program, it gets a read error. It varies between the images probably due to different installation methods, but it always ends up similar to a read error.

I'm not exactly sure if it's 4.09 at fault, the fact that its SATA, or a possible problem when I copied over the many gigabytes of data from the IDE HDD...

I'm hoping its the latter, but in case its the former, can anyone point me to possible solutions?

25.04.2007, 01:51
I would try burning the images and then installing from the burned copy and seeing if he problem goes away. And if the program is a game, you may be able to eject the CD and play without problems from the virtual drive.

What are the names of the games/programs and what brand and model # of dvd/cd burner do you have? (This will help determine if the copy protection will stop you from burning a working backup copy)

25.04.2007, 05:48
You should try to create checksums of the images from your old hard disk and compare them to the new one. An example for a freeware program which does that is "RapidCRC".

It is a sad fact that sometimes (especially with older hard drives) there are some undetected read problems when copying large amounts of data. The culprit is usually the disk itself, e.g. because of heat problems that arise with the continuous head movements.