View Full Version : DT over 4.0 freezes my laptop

24.04.2007, 20:41
I have a Gateway mt3705. Intel dual core T2250, 1gb ram.
I almost returned it beacuse of daemon tools.
My laptop just froze from time to time.
Not while doing mounting or whatever..
Listening to winamp , if i right click on the desktop the music
While browsing the web, laptop freezes for like 10 sec and comes
I uninstalled DT and the system is ok , no freezing.
I installed DT again, freezing again.
I installed the oldest version i have DT 3.47 and i don't have any problems.
I would like to know what si causing the problmes because I need
the newer versions for mounting newer games.
Thank You.

24.04.2007, 22:32
You shouldn't install 4.0 as its very old. Install 4.09.1 and look if problem is gone.

25.04.2007, 07:35
same problem with dt 4.09