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25.04.2007, 16:09

i recently bought a complete new system. it's mainly used for music production, and to be able to use my virtual samplecd's, i use Deamon Tools.

On my old system it worked perfectly.

However, after i installed it, i got a blue screen, saying that
my system had tried to use non-executable memory
I rebooted, and ever since, it asks me to install files for a
Plug and play bios extension.

So i did, and restarted. nothing changed, it still asked to install files for pnp bios extension, and after 1 or 2 minutes it shows a blue screen, after which it restarts by itself.

I decided to de-install Deamon, and now i don't get the blue screen anymore, but still the pnp bios extension question.

How do i fix this? i really want to use Deamon, cause Alcohol s*cks...

Deamon version: 3.29

Intel Core Duo 2 x 1.86 GHZ
MSI Mainboard
2 GHZ of RAM
320 GIG Sata drive
several USB hosts

PS: i use 2 RAM chips of different manufacturer, and one at 533 and the other at 800. (still says it's running Dual Channel mode though..

Thanks alot for your effort,


Boy Bianchi

25.04.2007, 16:35
v3.29 is not supported anymore.

25.04.2007, 17:08
okay, good 2 know..

i just installed the latest version btw and the blue screen is gone.
but i do still get the question about the pnp bios extension..
Has this to do with some kind of regkey i need to delete?


25.04.2007, 17:33
Regarding removal of such obsolete version check these threads: