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25.04.2007, 23:35
I want to let everyone know about the toolbar. There is nothing wrong with the software of daemon tools. You have the option of NOT installing the toolbar. Granted it would be nice to have daemon tools offer the toolbar on there web page for users who would like to have this option to download seperatley. However they have choosen to have it intergrated with the application. Alot of you complain over BULLSH!T and your getting a nice software package for free. If you do not like something about the software then you have the option of not downloading it.

Quit crying about petty SH!T!


26.04.2007, 11:02
If you do not like something about the software then you have the option of not downloading it.
Well, ppl don't like the adware can simply disable it or - if they forgot - just cancel WhenU EULA. You can use Daemon Tools without the adware, and even with the adware installed it can be removed anytime in control panel -> software add/remove.

27.04.2007, 23:51
Yeah, it is a shame so many cannot understand they have an option to not even install it, everytime I visit the forum I see at least one new post about it. Quite simple, install it or don't, up to the user. I vote just start banning anyone coming here to complain about it.

Why? Simply because so many posts that cover it already it just shows they made the first mistake of failing to search.

Well, thats just how I feel everytime I read about someone causing a fuss over something they failed to even read. Probably the same people who get viruses on their system because they fail to pay attention to attachments they open in their email.

Anyhow, I think it is great that it is optional, keep up the great work DT Team.

30.04.2007, 19:33
we can't and won't just ban such people. Although nobody can
do whatever he want here, at least we - as good as it gets -
try our best to uphold freedom of speech (as good as it gets!)

It is much more work to answer such people their questions and
to show responsibility but it is imho much better than to just
kick those people out. If I can convince only one of them that
we are not "the evil DT Company" - my work was successfull.