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26.04.2007, 02:56
When I load up Daemon Tools, I realise that the Virtual Devices have no lettered names, so if I go into My Computer I can't veiw the files I mounted. Another problem I'm having is that Daemon Tools makes my installed DVD drive invisible to my computer... But back to the real problem, the unnamed drives, when I try to mount files, the Autoruns don't start, and I can't do it manualy because I can't access the drive. If I try to change it, I get an error message saying "Unable to set new drive letter." Can anyone help me? Thanks

27.04.2007, 18:44
I have the same problem. STPD 1.43.

I canÒ‘t assign letters to Devices.

Window Vista 32bits

28.04.2007, 12:51
Did you try this yet:

28.04.2007, 13:48
That helped a bunch, thanks!

30.04.2007, 09:47
The problem was fixed deleting the file infcache.1 .

Thank you for help.