View Full Version : DaemonScript can't execute .LNK files.

27.04.2007, 12:46
I've recently updated to the new version of DaemonScript bcoz of new Daemon-Tools version. The previous version of DS I could run shortcuts to my YASU 1.1 scripts without any issues but the new version seems to be unable to execute shortcuts (.LNK files). The shortcuts are working fine if I manually click on them but I'd rather it run straight from DS. The reason is that bcoz YASU scripts are basically DOS batch files which will open a big black DOS prompt screen before the game launches. Using a shortcut I can set it to "minimize" which makes it look a little better instead of the DOS screen. Is there any other way to make it run? I'm running Daemon-Tools v4.09.1, YASU v1.1, DaemonScript v1.62, no Alchohol 120% installed, WinXP SP1a, DX 9.0c, GF7600GS PCI-E 512MB (FW v93.71 driver), AMD X2, 1GB RAM & nForce mobo (v9.53 chipset driver).

27.04.2007, 19:55
What error do you receive?

28.04.2007, 01:14
Try this. Use the file linked below to run the batch files, and they won't even show up, minimized or otherwise. I found it online a while back (can't remember where) and have used it extensively. Just make sure there's no PAUSE commands (START /WAIT is fine), or you'll have to force-close the batch file from Task Manager.


To run it, just use the format:

run.exe <batch file>

05.05.2007, 10:01
Hey thx I'll give it a go n c if it works for me ;)