View Full Version : Problem with Restarting the PC

24.11.2003, 17:46
Operating System: Win XP Home
Burning Software: /
Anti-virus Software: Panda Anti-Virus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

after I installed the version 3.41 of D-Tools I tried to restart my PC.But after the Win XP loading theme it shows only a black screen and nothing happens,so when I restart again there's a black screen again.I even can't choose the user to log in.Is there a fix for this or something like that??

edit:I'm not using Easy CD Craetor or Nero on this Computer and I also checked with Feurio if there are any programs which make problems with daemon-tolls.


24.11.2003, 17:58
May be it's the Panda Anti-Virus again making trouble :?:

24.11.2003, 18:09
Do you thin it's Panda???Never had problems with this program.
maybe i'll try it with the version2.88.I hope this will solve the problem.

24.11.2003, 18:15
I don't know - just guessing ...
we had a report about BSOD, which was caused by Panda Anti-Virus - so try to update or un-install it for testing.

24.11.2003, 19:10
What is BSOD???

I've installed the version 2.88 and now everything works perfectly.But it would be fine if i could use the newest version for the newest copy protections!

24.11.2003, 19:24
What is BSOD???
Blue Screen of Death :mrgreen:

24.11.2003, 20:17
but i hdan't had a blue screen,there was only a black one :mrgreen: ,nothing more!

26.11.2003, 13:47
I've installed now version3.33 and then I rebooted the computer.After the windows loading menu it showed me a BSOD and the computer restarted.So i had to restore the image of my computer.Is there a fix for this?

26.11.2003, 14:14
Do you have minidump (in windows\minidump folder) to check?
Did you try to un-install Panda AntiVirus?

26.11.2003, 19:34
I haveen't try to unisntall panda anti-virus,but i've got 4 files in the minidump folder.I can send you all 4 files??

26.11.2003, 20:21
You can send them to andareed@daemon-tools.cc

26.11.2003, 21:01
I've installed now version 3.41 of D-Tools and I get no BSOD.But when I start D-Tools I get a error message 2 times: Invalid device.I heared abut a fix for that problem.Can someone send me the fix to dr.art@web.de ??

27.11.2003, 00:33
I have sent mail to you.

27.11.2003, 13:39
i received no e-mail from you until now,can you send it perhaps again and to dr.art@web.de ?you can send it to dr.art@gmx.de too.

27.11.2003, 16:22
I have sent it exactly to dr.art@web.de
If you have probs then mail me from a valid address to venom386@daemon-tools.cc and i will reply.

27.11.2003, 16:42
ok I send you an e-mail i hope it will work

08.12.2003, 13:38
Operating System: Win XP professional
Burning Software: Nero 6.0
Anti-virus Software: NAV 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

After installing Daemon tools 3.41 I get a black screen on every startup. I had the same kind of problems with v3.33, but then I got a BSOD. Are there solutions to this problem.

Anykind of help will be much appreciated