View Full Version : Selfboot doesn't mount and Magicdisc made doesn't mount right.

29.04.2007, 07:57
I had a DC game I backed up and wanted to make into a selfboot. I ran the software to make it a self boot, but when I try to mount it in daemon tools, and open it, I get a error saying that the disc is corrupt or damaged. MagicDisc was able to mount it fine.

I then made an entirely different ISO in MagicDisc, and when I tried mounting that, it did mount, and I was able to see the files, but windows did not display the volume name nor did it notice that it was autoplay capable. When I mounted it with MagicDisc it did work.

Something about images with either of these two things seem to cause some kind of problem in Daemon Tools, does anyone know how I can fix it?