View Full Version : error code 5

29.04.2007, 14:15
My daemon tools dont want to install, it says: "unable to create service, error code 5." and when trying to modify the key in registry: "error reading the value's contents. Could you please help me?

01.05.2007, 00:58
so, there is no solution? :/

01.05.2007, 17:55
Which version of DTools are you installing? Is it the latest 4.09.1 version?

01.05.2007, 18:00
Yeah, the latest version, .... tryed and alcohol but that doesnt work too. The problem appears when tools try to install SPTD

01.05.2007, 22:39
Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and running setup?

02.05.2007, 12:23
uh, thats another problem, I think allso connected with SPTD, I cannot boot into safe mode :confused:

03.05.2007, 15:41
Error 5 means that access is denied during registry access.
Someone is blocking it - check what software you have installed. It is not DT problem. And if you cannot even boot
in safe mode then your system is corrupt: plain and easy.
What help do you expect from us?

29.05.2007, 18:26
Okay, nevermind that dude beforem i have soloved the problem by myself... this is what u have done:
the sptd key in registry was somehove corrupt and i could delete only after i have given full user control on " permissions". After the key was deleted i have downloaded and instaled daemon tools with no problem, that is and sptd service with them...