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24.11.2003, 23:26
Operating System: win xp proffesional with all from windows update
Burning Software: nero 6
Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus (doesn't enabled)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.34

i have winxp upgraded from win 98 se (on win 98 I installed version 3.29 of daemon and everything was ok)
so next I upgraded to win xp and daemon won't to start .I wanted to install new version of daemon and I have problem with daemon.msi (you describe solution for this) but next surprize!!!! i have seen this :

error 1606 could not acces network location <common administrative tools>.AllUsers\.

plz help because i can't install daemon tools and older version doesn't work (I removed at last older version manually)

25.11.2003, 08:57
Ever tried to look into our nice Common Problems and Solutions Forum (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=456)!?

25.11.2003, 09:55
this is not problem with daemon.msi
message about daemon.msi was first, i found good version (3.29) and fix it but next I saw error 1606

25.11.2003, 09:59
Try this (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?p=4865).
And remember: Never try to remove Daemon Tools manually by registry editing or with registry cleaners!

25.11.2003, 11:46
it's work!!!!!!!!
by the way, it's simplier method to find number of daemon if U upgrade windows from 98 to xp (without searching registry) , just look at control panel/add remove programs/daemon tools/click here for support information
once again thank's a lot!!!!!