View Full Version : Virtual SCSI Drive not detected?

30.04.2007, 23:54
how would I be able to fix this problem?

08.05.2007, 00:58
What causes this message to appear? If you reboot then try to use the DAEMON Tools icon does the message still get displayed by the DAEMON Tools tray program?
Are you using any online MMO?

09.05.2007, 15:21
Yyeah... I've got the same problem.
Dunno what initiated it but some time ago I launched DT and I got this message and I still do...
DT works fine after reinstalling but every reboot brings back that error message. :confused:
I've already tried some of the solutions described here but (obviously) none of them worked :-/
Oh, I even tried other virtual drive programs (like Alcohol) and the same thing happens (well, the text of the error message after rebooting is different :P).

Any suggestions? Reinstalling Windows is a last resort... :confused: