View Full Version : Will registration keep me ad-free?

01.05.2007, 03:30
I understand the adware topic is currently the subject of a lot of debate in the forums. I also understand that installing and using the adware programs is currently optional.

Now, having said that, I would just like to know if a version of DT that is free of any adware will always be available to registered users. I personally do not even want the possibility of installing adware accidentally and would rather pay the registration (even though I only use it only non-commercially).

Thanks for your fine virtual drive and any reply to my question.


01.05.2007, 10:28
Currently not.

01.05.2007, 11:20
LocutusofBorg said that ad-free versions for customers will be available, when the licensing system is fully implemented. Then the downloaded installers will be marked to identify anyone leaking the ad-free installer to the public. Before this system is in place, making an ad-free version would just lead to this version being published all over the internet within hours. :(

04.05.2007, 18:19
how much will the license be? and for how long?

I'd pay 15-25 for a life time registration

04.05.2007, 19:32
There arent any life time licenses to buy. There were life time licenses but license model got changed. A license is valid 1 year after purchase and atm Daemon Tools license cost EUR 12.54 / USD 15.95.